About Us

Our mission is to make audio content as convenient and as accessible as written content.

Our Story

We are a distributed team of software developers with an office in Milan and engineers all over Europe, and many of us have been working together for more than 5 years.

We have been developing audio and video software since 2008 and completed dozens of large and exciting projects in that time.

The Transcribe journey started in 2017, beginning as a small side project to play with rapidly improving technologies in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Having noticed a huge demand for the service in the App Store, we doubled down on product improvements over the following years.


  • 2017

    1. We came up with the idea for Transcribe as a small side project to play and experiment with new AI technology.
  • 2018

    1. We launched our iOS app.
  • 2019

    1. The app proved very popular, so we implemented dozens of feature requests and transformed a side project into the primary company product
    2. These features included synchronization, and an iPad version was also released.
    3. Transcribe PRO was introduced.
  • 2020

    1. We launched Web Transcribe and our MacOS app to accomodate the needs of users on other platforms.
    2. Extra collaboration tools such as link sharing were added, as well as real-time transcription and in-app voice recording.
    3. We also hit 1M downloads of the Transcribe app.
  • 2021

    1. We spent 2021 making major improvements to the accuracy of the software.
    2. More than 150,000 hours (that equates to 17 years!) of speech were transcribed throughout the year.
    3. We got a new web address - Transcribe.com
    4. Zoom integration was added.
  • 2022

    1. This year we’re working on:
    2. Improved text editing, with formatting, smart highlights and speakers separation.
    3. Transcribe File Format (for saving transcriptions with audio as a separate file).
    4. Business Accounts for shared transcription access.
    5. Improved real-time transcriptions.
    6. It’s an exciting year, so watch this space!
  • 2023

    1. We launched Teams feature and improved experience across supported platforms.
    2. We also hit over 2M downloads of the Transcribe app.