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How to convert wav to text using Transcribe

  • Download the Transcribe app or launch the online editor

  • Upload your wav audio file

    Import your wav file from any app or cloud storage system including Google Drive and Dropbox. Other supported file formats include mp3, m4a, m4v, mp4, mov and avi.

  • Choose the language

    Select from more than 120 languages and dialects.

  • Start the transcription process

    Your wav transcription will be ready in no time! Make yourself a well-deserved cup of tea and we’ll send you a notification when the transcription is complete.

  • Your transcription is ready!

    Proofread and polish the transcription in the app, online or in your preferred file format.

Supported Languages

Choose from 120 languages and dialects, including:

US English

UK English






Spanish (Spain)

Spanish (Mexican)

Spanish (Colombian)



Traditional Chinese


Document export

Export your transcribed file to TXT, or upgrade to export to PDF, DOCX, SRT and JPG.

What our users are saying

I’m a freelance writer who uses the Voice Memo app when conducting interviews. It would take me HOURS to transcribe what was recorded. And that wasted my time when I could have been writing the article. Transcribe has now freed up that time.
Deb Driscoll
I am disabled and I’ve been looking for this exact technology for at least two years because I can’t type anymore. A lot of these transcriptions don’t work, but this one does. I’ve probably done 60 hours of transcribing audio memos checks and with with very few exceptions it was Word for Word perfect. And when you didn’t get the word right it was because I was mumbling, or what have you.
This converted my rambling voice memos directly into text for use in a word document. My audio quality was low: I recorded with my iPhone in my lap while driving on the highway so there is lots of background noise. Still, the imperfections in text are all from me stammering. Actually, the app cut out lots of ums and repeated words improving what I said. It still requires editing and correcting - mostly formatting - but really couldnt be improved much at all. This is mature technology. Also, the software interface is top notch, like google or even better.
Time-saver and amazing results! Thanks a lot for this help! I often have to work with texts in German, English, Italian.
Just used this app to transcribe a 24 minute interview (on Apple Voice Memos) with my dad, about our family history. Using this app vs. transcribing it myself has literally saved me hours. The transcription was good enough that all I will need to do is clean up a few minor “misreads”, and I can present a written version of this interview to my dad as a gift for Christmas. Thanks for a great app!
Tetris Purist
I am very pleased with this app. I use it primarily to transcribe short information videos. I purchase time in one hour increments which is suitable for my needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you convert wav to text?

Yes, we can! Transcription services convert speech to text, saving you time so you can focus on other tasks. You’ll receive a written version of your audio or video file, which you can then proofread, amend and share with colleagues.

How can I convert wav files to text?

Use our application or web service to upload file and wait 10-15 minutes for result. That is easy!

Which formats can I export my wav file into?

Transcription can be exported in TXT, PDF, TRA, DOCX (WORD) and SRT formats.

What languages can I transcribe my wav file into?

120 languages and dialects, including:

US English,UK English,German,Italian,Portuguese,Russian,French,Spanish (Spain),Spanish (Mexican),Spanish (Colombian),Indonesian,Turkish,Traditional Chinese,Dutch

Do you offer free wav transcription?

We provide transcription of the first 15 minutes of your audio for free to test the quality and accuracy of our transcription service, so you can see for yourself whether it fits your needs.

You could then complete the rest of the transcription yourself, or buy credit for $5/hour (or save money and get 10 hours for $30).

Our PRO service is $14.99 a month, which gets you 5 hours of transcription time a month, plus a range of other benefits.

Supported formats

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Transcribe Wav to Text

Transcribe M4v to Text

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