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Take the stress out of note-taking with automatic transcriptions of Zoom meetings and webinars.

Transcribe integrates with Zoom, so you can get Zoom transcriptions almost instantly. All you need to do is set up Zoom integration (it’s easy and you only have to do it once), then leave the rest to us.

Core Features

Automatic transcription

Get Zoom call transcriptions just moments after the meeting has ended thanks to our AI-powered software.

More than 120 languages

Record and transcribe Zoom calls in more than 120 languages and dialects.

Import old Zoom calls

Import recorded Zoom calls from the past to get them converted into searchable and editable text documents.

Document export

Export Zoom meeting notes in easy-to-use text documents and share them with the team.

Zoom integration

Transcribe integrates with Zoom so that you can get audio transcriptions from your Zoom calls with minimal effort.

Collaboration tools

Share Zoom meeting notes with your team over Slack, Teams feature or any other communication channel.


Bonus 5 hours of transcription time

Additional time credits every month - ideal if you have a lot of Zoom meetings to attend!

Additional export formats

Export to TXT, PDF, DOCX, SRT and JPG so you can share your transcription in the best possible format.

Cloud storage

Up to 500 files of Zoom recordings can be backed up in the cloud.


Access your documents from any device (iPhone, iPad, MacOS or a web browser).

Edit on your phone, PC or Mac

Proofread and polish the Zoom transcription on whichever device you prefer.

Priority support

Speedier replies and help when you need it.


Bonus 30 hours of transcription time

Additional time credits every month.

Collaboration tools

Ability to create teams for collaboration (up to 5 teams).

Cloud storage

Up to 1 000 audio files with infinite storage time.

Supported Languages

Choose from more than 120 languages and dialects. Here are some of the most popular languages on the platform:

US English

UK English






Spanish (Spain)

Spanish (Mexican)

Spanish (Colombian)



Traditional Chinese


Integration Guide

  • Enable downloading of Zoom recordings

    1. Sign in to your Zoom account.
    2. Go to settings, then click the 'Recording' tab.
    3. Confirm or restore these settings:
      Cloud recording:
      Toggled on
      Record an audio only file:
      Allow cloud recording sharing:
      Toggled on
      Automatic recording:
      Toggled on
      Record in the cloud:
      IP Address Access Control:
      Toggled off
      Require users to authenticate before viewing cloud recordings:
      Toggled off
      Set recording as on-demand by default:
      Toggled off
      Require password to access shared cloud recordings:
      Toggled off
  • Connect Transcribe to Zoom

    1. Sign in to your Transcribe account.
    2. Go to More-Automation and tap the 'Connect To Zoom' button, then follow instructions.
    3. If you are not already signed into Zoom, you will be prompted to sign in.
    4. Click "Authorize" to connect Transcribe to Zoom.
  • What next

    Transcribe should be able to sync and transcribe new Zoom cloud recordings from this point on. All you need to do is select the language of the recording each time you want a transcription made, then leave the rest to us! Additional details: Read more →

  • How to uninstall

    1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
    2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Transcribe app.
    3. Click the Transcribe app.
    4. Click Uninstall.

What our users are saying

I’m a freelance writer who uses the Voice Memo app when conducting interviews. It would take me HOURS to transcribe what was recorded. And that wasted my time when I could have been writing the article. Transcribe has now freed up that time.
Deb Driscoll
I am disabled and I’ve been looking for this exact technology for at least two years because I can’t type anymore. A lot of these transcriptions don’t work, but this one does. I’ve probably done 60 hours of transcribing audio memos checks and with with very few exceptions it was Word for Word perfect. And when you didn’t get the word right it was because I was mumbling, or what have you.
This converted my rambling voice memos directly into text for use in a word document. My audio quality was low: I recorded with my iPhone in my lap while driving on the highway so there is lots of background noise. Still, the imperfections in text are all from me stammering. Actually, the app cut out lots of ums and repeated words improving what I said. It still requires editing and correcting - mostly formatting - but really couldnt be improved much at all. This is mature technology. Also, the software interface is top notch, like google or even better.
Time-saver and amazing results! Thanks a lot for this help! I often have to work with texts in German, English, Italian.
Just used this app to transcribe a 24 minute interview (on Apple Voice Memos) with my dad, about our family history. Using this app vs. transcribing it myself has literally saved me hours. The transcription was good enough that all I will need to do is clean up a few minor “misreads”, and I can present a written version of this interview to my dad as a gift for Christmas. Thanks for a great app!
Tetris Purist
I am very pleased with this app. I use it primarily to transcribe short information videos. I purchase time in one hour increments which is suitable for my needs.

Zoom Transcription FAQs

How to integrate Transcribe with Zoom

You can read our blog with detailed setup explanations: Read more →

How do you get a transcription from Zoom?

You can read our blog with general explanations: Read more →

Or get detailed setup explanations: Read more →

Once you’ve set up Zoom integration, simply record your Zoom meetings and webinars. They’ll automatically be saved to the cloud, and Transcribe will be able to transcribe these recordings. All you need to do is select the language of the recording, then leave the rest to us!

How fast can you get a transcription from Zoom?

It only takes a few minutes! Once your meeting has ended, make yourself a cup of tea and we’ll send you a notification when your Zoom transcription is ready.

How can I transcribe video calls?

To get a video call transcription, you’ve need to record the call. Once you’ve finished the video call, download the recording, upload it to Transcribe, and we’ll create the transcription for you using our automated transcription software.

For Zoom call transcriptions, once you’ve set up Zoom integration, recordings will automatically be saved to the cloud, and we can transcribe them straight from there.

How do I transcribe a Zoom meeting for free?

With Transcribe, you can transcribe the first 15 minutes of your Zoom meeting for free to test the quality and accuracy of our transcription service, and see for yourself whether it fits your needs.

You could then complete the rest of the transcription yourself, or buy credit for $5/hour (or save money and get 10 hours for $30).

Our PRO service is $14.99 a month, which gets you 5 hours of transcription time a month, plus a range of other benefits.

Do you have any corporate offers?

We offer corporate discounts if you require more than 100 hours of transcription time. If this applies to you, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.