Introducing Teams (beta) for Collaborative Working

Introducing Teams (beta): the new way to work collaboratively

Business Account users on can now create Teams and invite their teammates to join them. This is great news for teams who need easy access to shared transcriptions. There can be up to 10 people in a Team, with shared Team credits, and each team member will have access to all of our PRO features.

Currently the Teams functionality is in beta mode and is only available in the web editor, but iOS support is on the way.

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How to create a Team and invite collaborators

It's quick and easy to create a Team and invite collaborators. Here's how:

1. Open in a web browser and sign into your Business Account

2. Click the "Teams" tab in the navigation bar

3. Go to your "Overview"


4. Click "New team"


5. Once created, click the "Options" button


6. From this menu, you can invite your teammates to join, either via email or using a Teammate code


Once you've invited collaborators, you can also follow the above steps to see a full list of team members, and remove people if you need to.

How to accept an invitation to join a Team

Via email invitation

To accept an email invitation, simply click the link in the email. This will open up the Transcribe web editor, and automatically accept the invite.

Via Teammate code

To accept an invitation sent using a Teammate code:

1. Open Transcribe and click the "Teams" tab in the navigation bar

2. Go to your "Overview"

3. Here you'll see any pending invitations, which you can click to accept or reject

How to work with Team transcriptions

  • Any Teams you create or join will then show in the dropdown "Teams" menu
  • Click on a Team to switch into Team mode
  • In Team mode, you'll see a full list of Team transcriptions

  • While in Team mode, transcriptions will use credits from the Team balance, not from your personal balance

  • Users in Team mode have access to all PRO features

Important notices:

  • Please note that this is a beta functionality, so severe limitations may apply

  • We are testing different approaches, and some details may change over time

  • To create a Team, users need to sign up for a Business Account

Business Accounts cost $60/month. Up to 10 people can be added to a Team, at no extra cost, and every Team member will have access to all our PRO features.

Launch the Transcribe online editor to get started.

Written By Katie Garrett

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