All about Podcast Launch & Promotion

Everything you need to know about podcasts

We've been creating a lot of useful content lately to help you succeed in the world of podcasts, so we thought we'd share a quick summary so that you know what's on offer and where to find it:

First things first, learn how to start a podcast. As part of that, discover how to choose a topic for your podcast - perfect if you're struggling for ideas.

Get organized by checking out the best recording and editing software for podcasts, and brush up on how to conduct a podcast interview to ensure you're prepared for your first guest!

Once your podcast is ready for launch, set it up for success by making it rank with the help of our SEO for podcasts guide. And discover 10 unique ways to promote your podcast to ensure your content reaches far and wide.

Last but by no means least, find out how to transcribe a podcast in order to improve accessibility, boost SEO, and repurpose your audio into marketing material.

Happy reading!

Written By Katie Garrett and Irina Serdyukovskaya

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