9 AI Tools to Boost Productivity in 2023

The 9 best AI tools to boost your productivity in 2023

Do you find yourself wishing that there were more hours in the day? Or that you could use the time you do have more productively?

Advancements in technology mean that there are now a wide range of AI productivity tools out there, all designed to help you use your time more effectively - whether that's to squeeze more in or to improve your work-life balance.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of tools available, but we've curated a list of our nine favorite AI productivity apps that'll help you in the realms of content creation, time management, focus, and more!

But before we begin...

How can AI be used to enhance productivity?

We're glad you asked. AI enhances productivity by automating certain tasks that would otherwise take much longer. It can also help by eliminating human error - which can take time to rectify.

Certain AI tools can help with content creation - from writing blog posts and checking your grammar and spelling to transcribing audio content and editing images for social media.

Other AI productivity apps can help you to manage your time effectively, schedule meetings, organize your inbox, and stay focused on the task at hand.

The best AI productivity tools to enhance the way you work

Without further ado, here are the nine best productivity solutions, covering a range of categories and use cases.

1. Transcribe - best AI tool for speech-to-text transcription

Tired of churning out meeting notes, typing up lecture notes, or manually transcribing your podcasts or interviews? Transcribe is an AI-powered transcription tool that does all that for you. Simply upload your audio or video recording, and you'll get a clear and accurate written transcription in a matter of minutes (if not seconds)!

By using Transcribe, not only will you save time, you'll also be able stay focused during your meetings, without worrying about taking notes. That's a win-win on the productivity front!

2. Grammarly - best AI tool for reviewing your writing

If you find yourself stumbling over spelling and re-reading the same sentence over and over again wondering why it doesn't sound quite right, then Grammarly is about to change your life! Grammarly is an AI writing tool that helps you with your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, correcting mistakes and offering suggestions to improve what you've written.

Whether you need help writing emails, social media posts, website copy, or blog posts, Grammarly is on hand to ensure what you've written is accurate and error-free.

3. Beautiful.ai - best AI tool for creating presentations

Save yourself the time and effort that goes into creating presentations with the help of Beautiful.ai. This presentation design tool uses AI to help you create professional and beautiful-looking slides in minutes, so you can focus on the most important bit: the content itself.

Take your pick from its library of templates and icons, and watch as its automatic slide formatting feature transforms your decks - just add content and your slides adapt like magic!

4. Calendly - best AI tool for scheduling meetings

The key to productivity is having a schedule in place, and Calendly makes creating that schedule infinitely easier. This AI-powered scheduling platform makes it super easy to book meetings, getting rid of that endless back and forth to find a convenient time for all parties.

Let Calendly know your availability (it can even integrate with your Google, Outlook, Office365, or iCloud calendar), then send out personalized booking links so that other attendees can pick an option that works for them too. Calendly also acts like a personal assistant by sending reminder emails and follow-ups, giving you that time back to focus on more important work.

5. Time Doctor - best AI time-tracking tool

If you're managing a team, working on multiple projects, or struggling to prioritize your studies, let us introduce you to Time Doctor. Time Doctor is a time-tracking productivity tool that helps you to track the time you spend on work.

It's designed to be used by teams, but it works wonderfully for individuals too! Daily time reports show your metrics for the day, and dashboards make it easy to see how much time you've spent on each task or client (or distraction!). Use it to generate timesheets and bill your clients, and set up distraction alerts to help you stay focused and productive.

6. StayFocusd - best AI productivity app for helping you focus

Speaking of staying focused...StayFocusd is an AI productivity solution that helps you do just that. The highly customizable tool increases your productivity by limiting how much time you can spend on time-wasting websites (whether that's Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or your favorite gaming site).

You can choose to block entire websites, subdomains, or even specific in-page content like videos or images. Set time limits so that once your allotted time is up, you're forced to focus back on your work.

7. SaneBox - best AI tool for email management

If your inbox is on the more chaotic end of the spectrum, then SaneBox is at hand to help get things in order. With SaneBox, you create folders, and it automatically files new emails into them. You might pick one for newsletters, one for distractions, and one for those emails where you're cc'd but not directly addressed.

Important emails stay in your inbox ready for you to read and action, while those other less important emails that don't deserve your time and attention are filed away, ready for you to check as and when you have time. The filing action has already happened wherever you check your emails, whether that's on your laptop, your mobile, or in an app.

8. Jasper - best AI writing tool for content creation

If you aren't a natural writer, then using an AI copywriting tool like Jasper is a great way to create content at scale, so that you can focus on other aspects of your job. From website content and blog posts to social media copy and even emails, Jasper uses artificial intelligence to generate written content in just a few minutes.

9. Magic Eraser - best AI tool for editing images

As its name suggests, Magic Eraser, from Magic Studio, magically erases unwanted objects in your photos. Simply upload your image, mark the thing you need removed, then download it! This is a brilliant AI tool for social media teams and marketing teams in particular.

And there you have it! Nine AI productivity tools that will revolutionize the way you work. If you'd like to see for yourself how Transcribe can help you to increase your productivity, download our app or launch our online editor to get started.

Written By Katie Garrett

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