How to use Transcribe

What formats are supported

Audio: .mp3, .wav, .m4a

Video: .m4v, .mp4, .mov, .avi

How much does it cost?

Transcribing requires time on your account. Each 10 minutes long file will consume 10 minutes from your account. You can purchase additional time in two packets:
1) 1 Hour for $4.99
2) 10 hours for $29.99

How to purchase more time

IOS/MacOs application: At first open side bar. Then tap "Buy time" icon in the center of panel and you will be presented with purchase popup.

Website: Login and Click "Balance" link at the top of the page.

How to add audio file

1) Login into service with your credentials

2) Follow instructions:

How to edit transcription in MS-WORD, etc

IOS/MacOs application: Use "Export" feature to save transcription in various formats, including MS WORD. Note, that this is PRO-only feature.

Website: Use "Share" icon at the right-bottom part of the editor to save transcription in various formats, including MS WORD. Note that, since web editor is in beta - export feature can be used freely for now. But in the future it will be locked to PRO-accounts only.

Dictating punctuation and symbols

To dictate punctuation or symbols, say the name of the punctuation or symbol at the appropriate places in your dictation.

To enter


To enter



U.S. dialects:

  • Period
  • Dot

Non-U.S. dialects:

  • Full stop

All dialects:

  • Point


  • Question mark


  • Exclamation mark


  • Comma


  • Colon


  • Semicolon


  • Hyphen
  • Minus sign

  • Dash
  • En-dash

  • Em-dash

  • Apostrophe


  • Apostrophe ess


  • Backquote


  • Begin single quote
  • Open single quote


  • Close single quote
  • End single quote


  • Open quote
  • Begin quote


  • Close quote
  • End quote


  • Left parenthesis
  • Open parenthesis


  • Right parenthesis
  • Close parenthesis


U.S. and Canada:

  • Left bracket
  • Open bracket

All dialects:

  • Left square bracket
  • Open square bracket


U.S. and Canada:

  • Right bracket
  • Close bracket

All dialects:

  • Right square bracket
  • Close square bracket


  • Left brace
  • Open brace
  • Left curly bracket
  • Open curly bracket


  • Close brace
  • Right brace
  • Right curly bracket
  • Close curly bracket


  • Left angle bracket
  • Open angle bracket


  • Right angle bracket
  • Close angle bracket


  • Backslash


  • Forward slash
  • Slash


  • ampersand
  • and sign


  • Asterisk


  • At sign

When dictating an email address:

  • At


  • Underscore


  • Copyright sign


  • Registered sign


  • Caret


  • Ellipsis


  • Plus sign


  • Equal sign


  • Multiplication sign


  • Division sign


  • Plus or minus sign


  • Percent sign


  • Less than sign


  • Greater than sign


U.S. and Canada:

  • Pound sign
  • Number sign

Other dialects:

  • Hash sign
  • Sharp sign


  • Degree sign


  • Dollar sign

  • Euro sign


U.S. and Canada:

  • Pound sterling sign

Other dialects:

  • Pound sign


  • Yen sign


  • Vertical bar


  • Tilde

  • Paragraph sign


  • Section sign


  • Frowny face


  • Smiley face


  • Winky face

Pro Subscription, Subscription bonuses

Pro plan (subscription) gives you 5 hours of server based transcription time per month (so if you need more hours you can buy them the usual way) and unlimited transcription time for realtime voice recorder transcriptions.
Price depends on billing cycle: $12.99 in case of monthly subscription, $99.99 for yearly subscription.
As much as we would love to give our users unlimited transcriptions it’s not possible financially because every transcription still costs us via server maintenance and usage time.
So what Pro plan gives you:
● Best transcription accuracy - we use more sophisticated translation models for our subscribers
● Unlimited real-time transcription via voice recording in the app
● 5 hours of server transcription time, they automatically added to your account each month and transfers next month (if not used)
● Ability to edit transcriptions in web browser
● Ability to export transcriptions to a number of popular formats (like MS Word, Docx, SRT, etc)
● Your files won’t get deleted from server 2 weeks after uploading

How to Cancel Subscription

You can cancel the subscription in the app settings -> Transcribe Pro -> Manage Subscription. Look for our app in the list and cancel the subscription. Or refer to this guide on how to cancel a subscription on iOS:

Zoom integration

Zoom integration allows to transcribe Zoom recordings automatically, but you need to setup such integration first. The setup is easy and one-time only.

● Step 1: Enable downloading of Zoom recordings

1. Sign in to your Zoom account.
2. Click Settings on the left, and then click the Recording tab.
3. Confirm or restore these settings:
- Cloud recording: Toggled On
- Record an audio only file: Checked
- Allow cloud recording sharing: Toggled On
- (Recommended) Automatic recording: Toggled On
- (Recommended) Record in the cloud: Selected
- IP Address Access Control: Toggled Off
- Require users to authenticate before viewing cloud recordings: Toggled Off
- Set recording as on-demand by default: Toggled Off
- Require password to access shared cloud recordings: Toggled Off

● Step 2: Connect Transcribe to Zoom

1. Sign in to your Transcribe account.
2. Click Settings (Gear icon) and tap "Connect To Zoom" button then follow instructions.
3. If you are not already signed into Zoom, you would be prompted to sign in.
4. Click Authorize to connect Transcribe to Zoom.

● Futher Usage

Transcribe should be able to sync and transcribe new Zoom cloud recordings from this point on.

● Uninstallation

1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Transcribe app.
3. Click the Transcribe app.
4. Click Uninstall.

Get Support

You can ask additional questions via this form:

Please be sure to use your real email to get proper support.

The average response time is 2-3 business days.